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Dr. Royster administers private and confidential, specialized and personalized fee-based services by appointment. She has been credentialed as a professional certified Christian Life Purpose Coach®, Ministry Speaker, Consultant, Life Plan Facilitator and Instructor through a program developed by Katie Brazelton, Ph.D. Founder of (LPCCI), Life Purpose Coaching Centers International®.

Persons who may benefit from Life Purpose Coaching®:

Stay-at-home parents seeking purpose and balance.
College students seeking direction and guidance for the future.
Employees navigating career transitions and challenges.
Career persons seeking accountability and encouragement to stay on track.
Ministry leaders desiring a deeper spiritual experience.
Persons needing clarification of vision and purpose.

Option #1: Telephone, Face-to-Face or E-mail coaching sessions.
Dr. Royster uses email, one-hour telephone conversations and one-hour, face-to-face appointments in her coaching practice to help individual women (over the course of ten weeks) know and begin to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives. Confidential conversations between Christian women are directed through prayer, Scripture and reflection to help women find balance in emotional, relational and spiritual components of living life to its full potential. See Coaching Resources for a list of reference materials that Dr. Royster uses in her practice.

Option #2: One-Hour of Professional Coaching & Empowerment
Encouragement for encouragers,
Nurture for nurturers, and a Service to those serving!
Ideal for spiritual leaders, professionals, counselors, life coaches and those needing a one-time or an occasional 1-on-1 "boost" of encouragement and refreshment in the Word of God AND for those desiring a personal, practical and Biblical approach to life and service! All telephone and in-person Coaching/Empowerment sessions require BOTH a 15 minute pre-session consultation and prepayment of fees. Hourly fees discounted with qualified referrals. CALL NOW for details and to schedule your consultation.

Option #3: Create a “personalized package” just for you!

You decide! (1 month - 3 months - 6 months - 1 year)

Option #4: “2-Day” 1-on-1 Breakthrough Life Plan Retreat for:

Adult Women

Young Adult Women

H.S. graduates and college-age women 18 and older. Under age 18 with permission of parent or guardian.

Dr. Royster conducts a private, life affirming and life changing process in a relaxed private retreat setting with individual clients to help them know and begin to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives.

...see your life flash before you on a movie screen when Dr. Royster serves as a "spiritual midwife" to help bring forth your dreams, visions and passions - skillfully, objectively and actively listening AND providing spiritual accountability, encouragement and guidance while the Holy Spirit helps you develop a personal life plan.

NEW OPTION - Recession Proof "Affordable Options" Plan:
The following will afford you quality coaching services:  
  1. Qualified referrals that are booked and pre-paid
  2. Substantial Word !NDeed (W!ND) book and audio CD purchases
  3. Creative exchange of other professional resources (i.e. "host" a "Party on Purpose" and earn free coaching sessions)

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*Entrepreneurial Opportunities*
Private, individual,"self-paced" certification training
Small group teleconference certification training

Three levels of credentialing offered:
Level 1: LPC Life Purpose Coach®
Level 2: MS Ministry Speaker - MC Ministry Consultant
Level 3: LPF Life Purpose Facilitator

SEE Downloads for TUITION COSTS and other details

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Registation Form(s): Level 1 - Level 2 - Level 3

Bible Studies/BookClubs…
feature in-depth Scripture studies and group activities centered on the topic of purpose - a great reason for women to get together, drink coffee/tea, talk/listen, and encourage one another!
Motivational and Inspirational Keynote Speaker
Dr. Royster is equipped to give a wide variety of sermons, workshops and seminars on behalf of LPCCI - Life Purpose Coachng Centers International® or suit the needs of your church or other organization.
Purpose Parties…
are like "pamper" parties or a Girls' Night Out, complete with food, fun, fellowship, games, prizes and more ALL centered around the theme of life purpose.
allow women to experience 2-3 days of meaningful worship, action-oriented teaching and fun fellowship while introducing them to the life-giving Biblical principles found in the Pathway to Purpose Book series.
Women’s Ministry Consulting
Dr. Royster helps church leaders implement LPCCI - Life Purpose Coaching Centers International®’s long-term Women's Ministry programs, including Small Group coaching via Book Clubs/Bible Studies, Retreats, and/or Purpose Party events. She is available to consult with Directors of Women's Ministry in local church settings to develop a Women's Ministry or to consult the existing Women's Ministry.




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