Outreach Services

Intercessory Prayer Ministry
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"The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes
tremendous power available [dynamic in its working]."
(James 5:16) Amplified Bible

  • LifeSaver Outreach and Witnessing Tool is having an awesome impact throughout the tri-state area (PA, NJ and DE) and has generated a great response and participation from individual believers and local churches; large #^s of souls being impacted for the kingdom of God 
  • Reports of Salvation in the Workplace (co-workers born again)!
  • Intercessor prayer night miracles!
  • Employment
  • Hour of Power Coaching has impacted several lives.
  • Workplace Prayer group formed!
  • Auto insurance rate decrease
  • Houshold financial increase
  • Inner peace for caregiver of parent w/ Alzheimers
  • Resources for caregiver of spouse w/ Alzheimers
  • Lenient sentence for teenager convicted of theft
  • Mammogram clear; no signs of disease
  • No medicine necessary for child diagnosed with ADD
  • Health improved; strength with chronic illness
  • Lateral transfer on job; pay increase
  • Elderly parent found unconscious; condition stabilized
  • Pain in injured achiles tendon gone in one day
  • Family drawn closer to God since teenager pregnant
  • Racist co-workers laid off
  • Elderly widower struggling w/ loneliness; recent contact from former school mates and co-workers
  • Renewed spirit and confidence in Lord for person with low self esteeem
  • Marital harmony for a marriage in discord for many years
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