1. Book #1 Refined By Fire: Becoming a Champion of Life's Challenges
2. Book #2 When God Turns the Page: Unlocking the Secret of God's Goodness

Book #1
“Refined By Fire: Secrets of Becoming a Champion of Life Challenges”


A book signing party was held in November 2006 where Dr. Royster, a contributing author for "Refined by Fire," signed books and shared light snacks with her guests. To schedule a booksigning for your organization, contact Dr. Royster at 610.447.1573 or contact

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RELEASED: October 30, 2006

DESCRIPTION: A book of stories and strategies for winning in life written by Dr. Royster and other Christian women from around the nation; women speakers, business owners, pastors, and leaders who share a common thread of victory in life despite setbacks and road blocks. Her story, Understanding God's Work of Righteousness (page 15), gives examples of how God takes us on winding paths of righteousness while our security remains in Him.

"I was encouraged and inspired by Dr. Royster's feature which showed that one can rise from the depths of brokenness and helplessness to receive divine healing, revelation and fulfill divine destiny. It is a 'must read' for everyone who is experiencing pain, disappointment or in need of encouragement." (E. Streat, MSW)

"Dr. Royster really expounds on the basic tenets of righteousness. The two aspects that she presents on the subject greatly contribute to the perfecting and edifying of today's servants of righteousness (Romans 6:18)." (Elder John Johnson, Instructor, FPHC School of Ministry)

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REFINED BY FIRE Book Series is rapidly sweeping the nation!

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Book Endorsement by best-selling women's author Dr. Katie Brazelton

"I highly recommend Refined by Fire: Secrets of Becoming a Champion of Life Challenges to anyone who has experienced brokenness. Dr. Royster shows us how to be a Victor and not a Victim. Using personal testimony and practical strategy, she reminds us that God is always in control!"

Katie Brazelton, Ph.D.,  M.Div, M.A., Founder, Life Purpose Coaching Centers, Int'l, California (formerly Pathway to Purpose Ministry)

Book #2
"When God Turns the Page: Unlocking the Secret of God's Goodness During Seasons of Change"
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Dr. Royster imparts biblical truths about God's motives and intentions toward us during life-changing seasons in the first solo project for W!ND, Inc.! She recounts some healing and defining moments that helped her to embrace the "goodness" of God during her life reconstruction.


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What People are Saying About "When God Turns the Page"

"In this finely crafted jewel, Dr. Royster has unlocked the mystery of the goodness of God. This book is a must read for anyone going through!" (Rev. Andrew L. Foster, III, Senior Pastor, Grace Community UMC, Chester, PA)

"Dr. Royster has given the Church an in-depth view of biblical and spiritual goodness. When so many churches are embracing a world philosophy of goodness, this message is timely and much needed." (Rev. James E. Mosley, Jr., Pastor, St. Paul Baptist Church, Camden, NJ)

"God has truly shown His goodness in the life of this powerful woman of God. She writes with a fresh enriching voice and with practical and spiritual answers to real tribulations. What a pleasure and an honor to share in her journey through the written pages." (Chief Apostle Patricia C. Williams, Glorious Full Gospel Tabernacle Center, Wilmington, DE, Full Gospel Ministries Worldwide)

"Read this to enjoy. Read with vigor to rediscover your purpose. Read and relate to another's pain and glory. Read intentionally to meet God on another level. Read to change! (Bishop Corletta J. Vaughn, Presiding Bishop, Go Tell It Ministry Worldwide Network of Churches)

“I am pleased to heartily recommend this inspiring writing by the dynamic Dr. Pamela Royster to all who want to draw closer to God. She has done a masterful job of expressing both the intimate details of her testimony and lessons learned concerning the joy and benefits of following God even in adverse circumstances. Clearly, women and men of all walks of life and levels of spiritual maturity will read this and be inspired also by the healing and victory contained therein. Dr. Royster is an anointed writer, speaker and life coach. She is a sincere, down-to-earth person who constantly exhibits her love for God and His presence in her life. I am proud to have her as a member of the church that I serve. I pray that God will continue to bless her with wisdom, wealth, strength and other manifold blessings.” (Rev. Emma L. Creamer, Pastor & Founder, Cathedral of Fresh Fire, Inc., Wilmington, DE)

Message from the AUTHOR

May God bless every person that has read and/or contributed to the success of this book and its proclamation of the gospel message of hope and encouragement. May God's "goodness" abound even the more to you and yours. And a very "special" thanks to those who share this message within their circles of influence to further its distribution.