Here's what some have to say about Dr. Royster and the services she offers. See the W!ND Blog Page to add your comments!


Julie Six, Life Coach, Michigan said:
“It is obvious that Dr. Royster really does love to serve others. As my Life Coach Instructor she took great care and consideration of me as a new coach. Her attention to detail, her choice of words and her honesty make her communication very friendly. And, she has a beautiful voice that sings when she speaks.Her humor and laughter made our training session stimulating and fun. She modeled humility by remaining open about my questions and filling in the blanks with her experience and helpful tips. She effectively utilized the LPCCI materials blending them with her own unique personality. Her style of coaching is a powerful demonstration of not just being a coach, but being engaged in a sacred task. Her preparedness and eagerness to help me dig deeper was a true gift to me!I sooooo enjoyed our time together. It was a joy and a treat. Dr. Royster is full of love, laughter, and wisdom and she is a voice of encouragement and inspiration for new coaches.” 

Cheryl S. Hurley, Minister, Author, Counselor said:
“It is with great respect and appreciation that I commend Dr. Pamela Royster for an exemplary and rewarding coaching and instructional experience. At the conclusion of our initial consultation it was without reservation that I began what has been an absolutely wonderful life-changing journey. Dr. Royster proved to be a passionate and extremely thorough instructor and a superb conversationalist. She modeled and challenged me as she effectively allowed the Holy Spirit to lead me into a discovery of greatness that is absolutely unspeakable. This phenomenal Life Coach allowed me to dream again and reaffirmed my passion and desire to empower other women through the process of spiritual coaching. Her knowledge and handling of the curriculum, her management of our instructional time, our practical interaction and use of the coaching tools, coupled with her expertise, provided much for me to learn and embrace. Dr. Royster’s is very passionate about walking in truth with women on their journey to purpose. Therefore,it is without reservation and/or hesitation that I submit this note of commendation on her behalf. With great appreciation and love,”
Life Coach in Michigan said...
I can recommend this phenomenal woman who was my coach and we've stayed in touch over the last year. I took two years of secular coaching and read dozens of books before...and most of the "coaches" I ran into we're not appropriating the role professionally. Pam was marvlous and really held the integrity of "coaching". I encourage you to set the bar high for your coach - you'll be so glad you did!


A. January, Career Counselor/Coach, North Carolina said:
"Dr. Royster is an insightful and gifted Life Purpose Coach and Facilitator. She was professional and prepared for each of my coaching sessions and my life plan facilitation. Her gentle encouragement and prayers helped me to receive a clearer vision of the purpose for my life. Now I’m ready to step into new areas of ministry knowing that God is lovingly leading the way.”

J. Mosley, Career Counselor, Pennsylvania, said:
"Dr. Royster was an excellent Life Plan Facilitator. She was kind, compassionate and very understanding. There were some things that I didn't feel comfortable mentioning especially those areas where I struggle the most, but again she was very understanding and not the least bit judgmental. There were also points where Dr. Royster asked the tough questions which forced me to look at my life as well as some of the decisions I had been making and reflecting on ways that I could change. She was very helpful and also very professional!"

V.Coleman, Delaware, said:
"Dr. Royster's style of coaching [I discovered during my Life Plan Facilitation] is not to force answers but to share personal examples that promote one to dig deeper within. She helped me to...make sense of the many transitions in my life and...connect them to my purpose. She is a very warm, articulate and knowledgeable woman of God, who adds a "special touch" to serve and celebrate you!"
K. Walker, Consultant, Life Coach, NY, said:
“Grace and peace be multiplied. Praise be unto God who always causes us to triumph! I am grateful that I pushed through. I am still reflecting on my 2-day breakthrough experience. I am truly humbled by this process which was the confirmation of some things and the culmination of others. I am grateful to have Phase One of my journey laid out for me. And, I look forward to moving in obedience to the vision.This Holy Spirit driven process has given me the hope, direction and endorsement to move on to the next phase of my life. I am open to receiving the revelation of God and further coaching. I am already looking forward to my annual review!  Dr. Royster truly earned her play time! 


L.H., Medical Professional, Virginia, said:
"Dr. Royster is an outstanding Life Purpose Coach!!!! Before I began my sessions with her I was a 52 y/o woman feeling that my life had been wasted not fulfilling God's plan. I was stuck and couldn't figure out what to do about it. Dr. Royster's keen listening skills, knack for asking the hard questions, and patiently waiting for honest answers helped me tremendously.She helped me to discover the tools that I needed to get unstuck, and finish fulfilling God's plan for my life. She is truly called as a Life Purpose Coach and I thank God for our divine connection!" 

A. Derrickson, Minister, Pennsylvania,
"Life Purpose Coaching was a very good and positive experience and has really helped me to regain a sense of purpose. Prior to contacting Dr. Royster, I was at a place not knowing where I was headed - a dead end, and had begun doubting, wondering "God, who am I? What are you calling me to do and how do I get from here to there?” Dr. Royster is a great coach, very personable with a good sense of humor and easy to talk to, yet firm and honest in her approach. She encouraged me to dig deep and focus on the real person, the what, when and how to do's to get from here to there; and she helped me to see the connecting dots to my life purpose. I looked forward to our weekly meetings and felt like I could trust her with my most private thoughts. Dr. Royster is skilled at what she does - she along with her partner, the Holy Spirit make a great team and I definitely plan to recommend her to others. I feel rejuvenated Thanks Dr. Pam! Love and God Bless."

Elvira North, Lanham, MD, said:
"This experience caused me to search deeper in many areas that I found challenging. I would recommend my coach, Dr. Pamela Royster. She is a very wonderful and caring person who is concerned for others. She was true to her coaching commitment. She takes her coaching role seriously and was able to direct me onto the right pathway of being more open to the Holy Spirit's direction."

L. Swan, Minister/Hospital Staff Pastoral Services, said:
"I greatly benefited from the professional Life Purpose Coaching services of Dr. Royster.  And, I would personally recommend her as a Life Purpose Coach because she is an awesome woman of God and an awesome Coach who flows well with the Holy Spirit. Some of the examples that she offered were so profound that they impacted my thinking about issues that may be hindering my purpose. She was not afraid to share, with wisdom, her own life experiences as they related to addressing obstacles to my life purpose. She was an excellent facilitator of our conversations with God. She was able and willing to offer practical examples for the various issues discussed in the lessons. She was very accommodating and made adjustments when unforseen circumstances occurred. I would personally recommend this process to others because it brought my life purpose into clearer focus. In fact, when I told others about the impact that Dr. Royster and Life Purpose Coaching had on my life, they were very eager to find out more."  
"Wow! I am so excited to have been through this process of Life Purpose Coaching with Dr. Royster. What a privilege and an honor. I have been truly blessed and forever changed. Now I can go on to higher heights and deeper depths in the Lord with good success! Thank you Dr. Royster for all that you do and for who you are in the Lord."
Dr. Royster is a phenomenal Life-Purpose Coach who, without a doubt, has been ordained by God for such a time as this. My life-purpose coaching sessions with her were truly by God’s divine orchestration. It was awesome to experience her love for God the Father, her passion for seeing me walk "wholly" in my God-given purpose and her spiritual boldness to ask the hard questions that promoted my forward progression. At the very outset of our sessions, I found myself thirsting for more and wanting to fully understand and embrace my life purpose. I had a willingness to identify and remove any barriers that were serving as roadblocks. Through this anointed woman, I allowed God to guide the coaching process that would put me on the path that He desired for my life. Dr. Royster’s coaching was effective beyond my greatest expectation! I have been empowered with a renewed sense of purpose like never before because of the combination of her spiritual gifts and expository teaching as well as her professionalism, calming tone, keen listening skills and preparedness for every session. It is without hesitation or reservation that I recommend this wonderful vessel to others who are thirsting for lasting change

M. Davis, Psych Social Worker, Delaware
Prior to starting the coaching process, I knew I needed some kind of change in my life. I was actively involved in church and personal bible study, but I felt stuck. The life purpose coaching process has helped me to get "unstuck" and propelled me forward into my destiny. Dr. Royster's personalized encouragement helped me with the challenging process of facing myself which was definitely well worth the time and effort. I realize more about myself and my relationship with God and what He wants from me. My life has definitely changed. I am still reaping the benefits of going through the ten weeks!

KD, Social Worker, Pennsylvania, said:
"Life coaching broadened my perspective. I felt like I was gradually beholding a collage of my entire life... like various life experiences that I ignored, forgot, or overlooked were being drawn out for me to view. Some of the suggested activities and exercises were easy and others were more of a challenge. Yet, I began to see a gradual theme being developed. What seemed like random acts or assignments were actually designed with a purpose. I realize that these assignments and reflections were actually producing a level of closure. My life purpose coaching sessions with Dr. Royster were an opportunity for me to be transparent. I saw the good, bad, and the ugly about my life. It required courage to face and acknowledge various concerns. However, God gave me grace through my prayer partners and my Life Purpose Coach, Dr. Royster. She was aware and open to being used as God's vessel to speak those things that are true, lovely, pure and of good report. There were areas in my life where someone needed to speak life to dormant gifts, encouragement to areas of weaknesses, and beauty that I felt insecure about. Overall, I learned to receive and identify God's love messages to me. God has been trying to communicate His purpose and plan for me my whole entire life, but I just couldn't see it. Now I am starting to practice that I can't discount anything because God is creative in His love language to me. I would recommend life purpose coaching to anyone seeking God at a deeper level.”

"I will always be thankful that I chose you as my Coach, you are a real woman of God and a blessing in my life."

"Thank you for being my ear and a solid grounding for me. Thank you for the clarity and the open window of thinking...a breath of fresh air." 

Lady S.P., Pastor’s Wife, said:
Thank you, Dr. Royster for helping me to rediscover who I really am – who God ordained me to be. I am no longer bound by trying to fake a “me” to live up to others’ standards. I am truly free indeed! Praise God for you are a true “gift” to the Body of Christ. Your coaching has empowered me to really live and breathe my life purpose.”

Belle, Graphic Artist, said:
“I was initially drawn by Dr. Royster’s gentle manner and calming voice quality that immediately put me at ease and allowed me to sort through some major life transitions. I willingly submitted to the weekly process of Life Coaching and saw clear results in my business and artwork because I was guided by Dr. Royster as she followed the Holy Spirit’s lead to provide a framework for living out my life purpose. God’s strategic plan for my life actually works! Now my life as an entrepreneur and an artist has taken on new meaning and purpose.”

Freelance Writer, said:
“My coaching sessions with Dr. Royster helped me to stay on track and get more focused about my writing. Once I totally surrendered to God’s purpose and plan for me in all of this, I finally made some significant progress towards submitting a manuscript and discovering the next steps for publishing.” “I know that my introduction to Dr. Royster as a Life Coach was a divine appointment. I am so grateful that God sent me such an awesome woman to get me on track. May God bless you 100 fold for all that you give to others!”
“Dr. Royster, I appreciate the way you have listened and helped me with some pretty personal issues during our Life Coaching sessions. I do believe that God knew my heart and sent you to me. What a gift you are to the Body of Christ! This has truly been a turning point in my life and you have helped me get here.” 

Sis. T. Smith,
Administrator, said:
"Dr. Royster has been instrumental in helping me to see what God has already placed on the inside of me. She inspired and encouraged me to take a longer look at my purpose and not to be afraid of it or shrink back. When I began my coaching sessions, I was in a place where God had just begun a new chapter in my life. Dr. Royster help me pull out all of my Godly qualities. She also helped me to face those areas in my life that I had not paid attention to and those that have been difficult for me to face. God Bless you Dr. Royster and may our Heavenly Father smile upon you and prosper your service to the Kingdom of God.

D. B., Philadelphia, PA, said:
“I can't begin to speak my appreciation for you. I am so thrilled...this is such a positive experience. You really have been given the gifts to be able to coach others. Thank you for helping me to "see" more clearly my purpose and my God-given expressions. I am so appreciative of your insights and your challenges to me, holding me accountable to my desires and God's will.
B. A., Springfield, PA, said:
"Dr. Royster has helped me to make connections and take note of prominent themes in my life that point to future ministries, while helping me to recognize the ways in which I am presently living out God's will. She urges me along to explore new territory and holds me accountable to make and live out decisions that are firmly rooted in biblical teachings. She is a great conversationalist, adept at listening, and her encouragement comes across with sincerity and passion. It has been evident through our time together that the Spirit of God is present and working within her. 
"NEW" HOUR OF POWER - Empowerment Coach 
Minister M.C. Moore said...I just wanted to say I thank God for the wisdom and knowledge that you imparted into my life during the hour of empowerment session. It has truly prepared me for what was to come. God love you and bless you.

Sarah T., B.S.
said...It was a pleasure to meet you! Thank you for your prayer. The power of God definitely flows through you in a very awesome and unique way. I look forward to reading your publications and tuning into your radio broadcast. Please continue to pray for me. I will definitely keep you and your ministry in prayer before the Lord. Peace and blessings. B.S. "Born" again of the "Spirit" of God

Shante', Day Care Admin. said...I thank God that I met you that day when I did. You didn't know that I had been praying about those things that we discussed privately and needed some guidance. And, God sent you my way that day! Now I am stronger in my resolve and encouraged to go on in Jesus' name KNOWING that He is my all and all. Also, I have definitely benefitted from that "hour of power" session! I will be sure to recommend it to my friends and associates. God bless you in all that you do for Him.

Minister P. Ruth Gabriel said...Thank you so very much for your words of wisdom and the hour of power. It has truly lifted me up and encouraged my soul. I feel that I can now go on in victory! I see why the enemy worked so hard to try and cause me and my fellow sisters in Christ to resist the ministry that God has developed and imparted through you. He knew that we would receive a "sure" word and a breakthrough indeed! I will be sure to tell of His goodness!

Sheila said...I have been challenged yet refreshed. This was soooo worth the time and investment in my own spiritual well-being for a change. I feel that my seed has been well sown into the soil of Word Indeed. I'll be checking back next month for another hour of power and inspiration. May God truly bless and expand your ministry to those in need.

Anita S. said...We haven't even started the coaching process yet, but I am very much looking forward to it. I can tell just from our initial conversation that this is going to be an awesome experience in the Lord!


"Thank you for your Divine consultation and inspiration. I really appreciated being able to share openly my feelings regarding ministry and personal concerns. I firmly believe that you have answered a high calling at this very sobering hour in the Kingdom of God. I have already begun to see the much-needed "winds of refreshing" blowing in my life and will be happy to advise other leaders about your ministry services (V. Blount, Delaware)."

"Vessel of Encouragement"
"YOU HAVE SOOO MUCH TO OFFER!  I KNOW this is ONLY THE BEGINNING!  You are just bursting with God-given creativity and passion...it is so refreshing! I don't have adequate words to express how you touched my heart and ministered to my soul with your precious, sincere sensitivity...I thank God for your heart and for being God's vessel of encouragement to me at a crucial time (G. S., Ohio)."

"Purpose and Passion"
"...Thank you for your encouraging words and prayer. There were many things I received from you, but the thing that is with me strong is, soul winning! I asked God to give me a passion for winning souls like you have! You are truly an angel...an inspiration. I thank God for the divine hookup. I will not be the same (E.N., Maryland)!"

"...what a sweet spirit and desire to serve [God]...an amazing teacher...an inspiration (J.M., Illinois)!"

“Woman of her word and THE WORD”
"Dr. Royster was professional yet personable. We appreciated her expository style of teaching...expounding on the scripture and making sure we received the Bible intended message of the passages. Love her Bible based teaching style! She was prepared and focused...fun and educational. She is a woman of her word [and the Word]." (J.McCloud, SLCM, Pennsylvania)


"We were stunned at the amazing accuracy and timing of God's prophetic utterance through you. Thank you for being a willing and obedient servant (M. D., Abundant Grace WC, Pennsylvania)."

Minister AKL, said...
Bless God! I just continue to Praise God for all He has done, is doing and will do in your life, Dr. Royster. It goes beyond what I could ever imagine for you….God is so limitless. Still, I believe the best is yet to come for you. I took the liberty of going on the website – this is so awesome. And I know you!!!!!!It's still amazing to me.

Women's Power Conference Particpant said...

Dr. Royster, I am impressed with your effective and creative use of language to convey concepts, your deep commitment to the Lord, your praise of Jesus, AND your ability to involve the audience in your sermon/delivery in a manner that serves to make the Living Word indelible on our minds. You have a gift and I believe your message, your passion and your love for Jesus shine through. Blessings!

Dear Dr. Royster, I look forward to receiving the printed material about your publications. Thank you.

I look forward to hearing the Word of God each week on the radio. Very anointed teacher!

Monica - Hospital Administrator
I am ever so grateful to Dr. Royster and her ministry unto the Lord. She is truly anointed as a prophet, pastor/teacher, life coach, author and much more. To know her is to love her. I have personally been blessed by her mentoring, coaching and teaching as well as her publications. She has helped me to "tap" into my life purpose when I felt "shut out" by people and circumstances. I would highly recommend her ministry and services to anyone seeking a "real" relationship with the Lord and His clear direction. God bless you Dr. Royster!

Jackie said...
Hi My Sister. I was sitting here thinking about you and wanted to take this opportunity to say hello to one of God's anointed teacher/preacher and author. Everyone can't say that, but I have been granted the privilege of knowing someone who is all three. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I pray your new year be extremely prosperous spiritually, physically, financially and socially. In other words I pray that the unexpected happens for you this year. I love you my sister with the love of the Lord and count it an honor to be called your friend. I may not be able to see you or be in fellowship with you like I would like to, but please know that my prayers are with you. Your Sister in Christ, Jackie 
Blessings Word !NDeed (W!ND), It is indeed an honor that I join in your Founder's Appreciation Week. In the short time that I have known Dr. Royster, I have found her to be a powerful yet humble servant of the Lord who avails herself mightily to God and to those He assigns to her. The coaching services provided to me by Dr. Royster have caused an expansion within me to be, to do and to receive all that God has for me. Sovereign God has used her to challenge me to step out of my comfort zone and dare to walk in the path that HE has ordered for my life. In short, I praise God for her, I appreciate her willingness to avail herself to me and I patiently look forward to connecting with her for the next phase of my assignment and count it an honor and a privilege to sit under such divinely orchestrated tutelage. I bless God for this mighty servant and pray God's greatest blessings upon her, her ministry and her expansion in Him. Dr. Royster, continue to soar in God! Love and Admiration
Congratulations Elder, Royster! You know I miss you…..may God smile on you today!

B. Lowery
Dr. Royster, May God's hand continue to be upon you and your ministry!

Dear Sister~ I am so excited for you! W!ND is 4 years old?!? Wow! Congratulations! I am once again humbled as I think of our times together at the start of this glorious season of your blooming ministry! God is so good! Enjoy your anniversary….celebrate YOU! And thank you for the exhortation re: Coming alive in 2009! Amen! We too are expecting more unfolding and great blessings. Blessed to serve alongside you~
Greetings and HAPPY NEW YEAR & congratulations on your New Ministry offerings.I certainly am praying and fasting for God to really give you a launching that would require His handywork to help you manage all of the requests that will come to you.I pray that your new ministry avenues are blessed, effective and fruitful. Grace & Peace
CONGRATULATIONS on your Appreciation! We rejoice with you at this time in your life. We praise the Lord for His faithfulness to you. To God be the glory. With Much Love, The Mosleys

Happy Birthday and Happy Founder's Appreciation! May God bless you and your ministry today and throughout the year.
May you find rest and joy in your birthday and Founder's celebration. May God continue to richly bless you. Pastor Aaron, Angie and family

You are one of God's most wonderful gifts and your life is a sweet reflection of His heart. Happy birthday and Happy Founder's Appreciation.

Celebrating you my sister in Christ on your birthday and your Founder's celebration. God bless you for the women you have encouraged, inspired and prayed for along the way. I celebrate what connects us, what we share as sisters-in-Christ and I celebrate you!

Carol J said...

May this be a good year in every way for you. Happy Birthday and Founder's Day!

"You've inspired me to stay strong (K.Q., California)!"

"I appreciate all the times you've been there for me...(P.B, Georgia)."

"You have a beautiful spirit and a generous heart... (G.A., Texas)."