Outreach Services

W!ND Evangelism and Discipleship Ministries
  • Resources and empowers pastors, local congregations, faith-based groups and frontline believers in discovering and implementing God ordained vision.
  • Cultivates and develops Kingdom harvesting teams and strategic prayer networks.
  • Mobilizes networks for end time marketplace harvesting.
  • Channels the transforming power of healing, wholeness and reconciliation for greater impact in the earth realm.

...by employing W.I.N.D. Impact Principles

W:Witnessing to the lost and winning souls
IInstructing and imparting the WORD
N: Nullifying the works of darkness
D: Demonstrating the power of God’s Spirit

W!ND Impact Principles can be executed by churches, pastors, teachers, evangelists or any believer who endeavors to obediently answer the call to live out the Great Commission.


To partcipate in our

  1. Setting a goal,making a covenant with the Lord and committing to contacting persons with the witnessing tool. The primary target is the unbeliever, but use the opportunity to remind believers and heighten awareness about the Gospel message.
  2. Challenging believers to obey the Great Commission and increase their lifestyle of witnessing and winning the lost by use of the witnessing tool. Encourage them NOT to treat it as a "throw-away" or a "stow away".
  3. Watching and praying for divine appointments to share the Gospel message; being prepared with witnessing tool on-hand at all times.
  4. Being consistent and faithful in your outreach so that you can place God-sized expectation on your efforts.
  5. Sharing testimonies and praise reports about your witnessing experiences and the miracles and signs that followed to build faith and make disciples.
*THE LifeSaver Outreach and Witnessing Tool is available TODAY!

Joann B
"You have a wonderful, genuine, kind and very passionate spirit. God bless you and thank you for introducing me to the "lifesaver" evangelism. It has given me a gentle "nudge" as a born again believer to be more active and intentional about witnessing. I am passing this on to my church and my pastor and I will keep sharing on my job, in my neighborhood and everywhere I go! Would you be willing to come and offer a workshop on this at my church? I will speak to our evangelism coordinator. Please add me to your mailing list. I'd like to stay in touch. I will ask my relatives in the Harrisburg area to listen in to your radio broadcast. Living and loving in Christ."